Upcoming Projects

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November 2016 | Event 1

Exclusive 12000 sq ft commercial Green renewable energy renovation project located 17250 Palmer Dr. Homewood, IL 60430.  Entrepreneurial Incubator Small Business Development Center (SBDC) underway coming soon 2017... See picture view on left side.


December 2016 | Event 2

Inside peak "ON-AIR" Broadcast Studio production Media Center. Viziontainment Studio Services providing cool bright-energetic environment development project provides training hands on skills using state of the art top camera's, teleprompter high tech equipment and in the field professionals in the Productions & Media communications industries plus techniques in Broadcasting for Television, Radio, Streaming Online, Advertising producers, creating commercials, voice-overs and developing multimedia productions...


January 2017 | Event 4

Vizions' Developer Builders Inc., DOWNTOWN Real-Estate Housing Court Division-Receivership & Developers Administrative Office Suite located 316 N. Michigan Ave, 2nd floor/Ste 200, Chicago IL 60601 

December 2016 | Event 3

The goal of tele-working business entrepreneurial solutions support service Program is to increase access to technology, computers and tele-working economic development related solution services including training for populations residing in under-privileged neighborhood areas and under served communities. Program activities will provide technology literacy training and assist residents in competing in the emerging global economy and our plans on establishing administering and expanding Tele-working facility.